Collins Interiors provide a full range of services, they vary from project to project and are customised to suit both client and project needs.
  • Interior Styling and Decorating
  • Selection of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories to suit scale and aesthetic considerations
  • Design of window treatments appropriate to interior and environmental factors
  • Design and management of bespoke upholstery and cushions
  • Curation, expansion and exhibition of artworks
  • Interior Design
  • New Build – working with architects and builders to create beautiful internal spaces
  • Renovation– working directly with clients or working with architects and builders to redesign interior spaces to meet your needs
  • Selection of materials and finishes, such as flooring, tiles, wallpapers, paint etc
  • Custom design kitchens and bathrooms including structural and cosmetic changes
  • Custom design of wardrobes and built-in joinery such as cabinets


At Collins Interiors we strive to serve our valued and respected clientele through a system of Satisfaction by Design. We rely on experience, expertise and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, on budget, with consistently pleasing results.

Collins Interiors 15 Step Experience, is to make the design-build process an enjoyable one for our clients. Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project.

Here’s how we work:
Project Initiation Phase

STEP 1 A two hour Consultation with Marilo Collins


STEP 2 Signing of agreement, receipt of retainer and commencement of project

Research, Design, Presentation Phase

STEP 3 Trade Day | On-site measurements, photos and final criterion meeting

STEP 4 Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing fabrics and furnishings

STEP 5 Presentation of estimates and furnishings/materials; collection of deposits

Project Management Phase

STEP 6 Placement of orders

STEP 7 Review of budget

STEP 8 Initiation of construction and renovation

STEP 9 Installation period continues and receipt of orders

STEP 10 Furniture installation and styling

STEP 11 Client reveal

STEP 12 Deficiencies walk through

STEP 13 Resolving deficiencies

STEP 14 Client closure meeting and presentation of final invoices

STEP 15 Presentation of Client Binder and thank you


An onsite two hour consultation between the designer and client to discuss preliminary ideas and styles, relevant products and the client's budget.
How it Works:

1. Contact us to schedule a mutually beneficial time to meet.

2. Our two hour appointment is scheduled. All Essential Consultations require payment in advance.

3. After your consultation, your feedback report is emailed, outlining all ideas discussed. It’s an all one starting point designed to set you on the right path to your new home.


Any and all of the following can be achieved within the scope of a single two hour session:

  • Determine furniture layouts for your desired rooms.
  • Suggest window treatment styles that match the room’s architecture and style.
  • Select finishes & recommend smart solutions for your kitchen/bathroom renovation.
  • Provide guidance on additional lighting or ceiling fans as required.
  • Advice on art, using your existing pieces and incorporating new pieces.
  • Make suggestions regarding furniture styles, incorporating your existing pieces with new selections.
  • Choosing of your home’s new paint colour palette.
  • We go through our Collins Interiors 15 Step Experience, and our fee structure in detail.
PRICE: $275 [includes GST]


Read below our FAQ's, fees & process options.
‘What will my project cost ?’

This is the most common question asked of any designer. In our firm, we confirm the actual cost during our design phase. Your project cost is not something we can accurately advise without going through the motions of designing and costing the project, based on the scope of work requested. So from the outset, we never speculate what your project will cost until we have run through the Design and Documentation stage of our process. Unlike other design firms, we cost out every element of your project request list up front, as opposed to later. When we present your design concept, we also provide you with actual confirmed costs. It is then up to the client to decide on whether to move forward with the original scope or make adjustments [i.e reduce that scope] to meet their budget requirements.

‘How do you charge?’

We have two methods of billing for our projects. The first is a Flat Fee Design Contract. With a flat fee proposal, you know what the fee’s are up front, & the deliverables cover a very specific & limited scope of work.

Benefits of a Flat Fee Design Contract are:

  • The client is 100% aware of the amount they will pay the designer for the Design & Documentation & Project Management phase of the project.
  • Because we cost every element of your design aspiration in the design process, the total cost is 100% revealed before we initiate the project implementation phase of any project.
  • Flat Fee proposals are great for clients who know they can make decisions quickly and trust the design professional will produce a concept tailored to their wants and needs. Options are limited and clearly defined to the client before embarking on this type of agreement.

Flat Fee proposals are not for you if:

  • You feel you will want the freedom to request more options in a design concept than provided in a Flat Fee agreement.
  • Along with the freedom to request additional options, you may desire additional time with the designer in regards to specific parts of the project. This may include visiting furniture stores with the designer or any other time required to feel comfortable with final decisions along the way. You are more comfortable paying monthly for the design process in each phase [Design & Documentation, Project Implementation phase] as opposed to an 100% up front payment.


Our second method of billing is an Hourly Fee Contract with Retainer. With an Hourly Fee Contract, the client has significant freedom to request modifications and out of the box attention and scope additions as the project evolves.

Benefits of an Hourly Fee Contract with Retainer are:

  • The client has total freedom to request modifications and changes as much as they feel is warranted for the project. This includes but is not limited to any design modifications to any scope of work agreed [cabinetry, kitchen bathroom or decoration & styling of a project]
  • Because we cost every element of your design aspiration in the design process, the total trade and product costs are revealed before we initiate the project implementation phase of any project.
  • The client would like the designer to accompany them on any visits to suppliers to see product, or any other non time restricted requests deemed fit for the client’s ultimate satisfaction throughout the project.
  • The client is comfortable paying hourly design time per month, as opposed to a 100% upfront design fee in the beginning of the project.
  • The client is in agreement with the terms of a Retainer, which is secured payment to cover any outstanding design fees in the event a project is terminated prematurely and/or for incidental project costs that are incurred during the design implementation period. The client understands that the Retainer is 100% refundable at the projects closure should there be no instance where the Retainer is drawn upon to cover already incurred design fees and costs.

Hourly Fee Contracts are not for you if:

  • You are not comfortable with monthly design fees.
  • You are not comfortable with the hourly fee project Retainer required in this type of agreement
‘What is your hourly rate?’

Our hourly rate is currently $110 per hour.

‘I am not sure of my budget as of yet.’

It is extremely reasonable and expected that our client will not know how much project aspirations cost up front. The actual outcome of cost is our job to quote and provide our client’s in step 5 of our Design & Documentation process. What is important for our clients is to know their boundaries in terms of what they can afford to invest in their project. Giving the designer this vital information is key so that we can aim as much as possible to not work way above or below the clients true comfort level in terms of personal budget/investment in their home.

Collins Interiors provide a full range of interior design and interior styling services based in Brisbane, Australia.
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